Disposable Medical Device Product Development
& Design Assistance

Bring us your design and Bates Industries will work with you to develop the processes required to bring it to reality. Although Bates Industries is a relatively young company, our team has the cumulative medical device manufacturing experience exceeding 1400 years. Product designers, who have already approached larger companies and been turned away, come to Bates Industries and find the expertise they need to move through the painstaking work of development required to end up with a market-ready device. We understand that it sometimes takes extensive prototyping and experimentation to bring even the most fully-formed product design to fruition and we are willing and able to invest the time and attention needed to do so.

Whether your project is large or small, when you sit down with us you have the involvement of the entire Bates team. When we have reached the end of the development process, Bates Industries is ready and able to move your product into full production at our facility.

For more information on Product Development and Design Assistance, call Bates Industries at (518) 747-8730 ext 11 or contact us online today.