Meet The Bates Industries Management Team

Rhonda Sharp (Materials Manager)

Rhonda Sharp

Rhonda came to Bates as a Planner/Buyer and has advanced to the position of Materials Manager. Rhonda brought with her the experience and knowledge gained in over 20 years working in manufacturing supervision, scheduling and purchasing positions in Mallinckrodt, NAMIC, Kendall-Sheridan and Tyco / Covidien. Rhonda works tirelessly to locate the best suppliers to meet our customer’s needs at the best price and highest quality.

Sam Brayton (Quality Manager)

Sam Brayton

Sam began his career in the medical device industry at Mallinckrodt Anesthesiology in Argyle, NY in 1983. He advanced from packaging to extrusion as a machine operator, then went on to become technical training coordinator. In 1996 when Mallinckrodt moved their operations to Mexico, Sam followed moving his family of seven to sunny El Paso. Sam worked in training and complaint handling before becoming the QA Manager of the Juarez/El Paso operations. Sam signed on at AngioDynamics in 1999 as Quality Assurance Manager and later became the Director of Global Quality. After 13 years at AngioDynamics, Sam accepted the role of Quality Manager at Bates Industries.

Lee Bené (Engineering Manager)

Lee joined the Bates team in September of 2016.  He is a Licensed Professional Engineer with a Bachelor’s of Science Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.  For the last 13 years, Lee was responsible for the maintenance and engineering groups’ direct support of manufacturing operations at Pfizer and then Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.  Lee’s extensive experience in improving equipment reliability, reducing waste, and reducing operating costs will be key in helping Bates grow and achieve our goals.

Andrey Kiyanitsa (Senior Project Engineer)

Andrey joined the Bates team in September of 2016.  He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Materials Science and Engineering. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering at RPI.  Prior to Bates, Andrey spent 6 years at C.R. Bard as a Materials Engineer.  While at Bard, he also co-managed the chemical engineering lab and supervised the lab technicians.  Andrey’s extensive materials background along with his experience in the medical device industry will be key factors in helping Bates expand our material capabilities.

Chuck and Rose Bates

Chuck and Rose Bates

Chuck Bates (General Manager / Co-Owner)
Over a 25-year period, Chuck worked his way up from an extrusion / blow molding / injection molding operator through the ranks to ultimately take the position of Plant Manager at Mallinckrodt Medical in Argyle, New York. In addition to the time Chuck puts into the business, he is also an alternative – energy enthusiast who has studied and implemented solar, geothermal and wind power at his private residence.

Rose Bates (Finance/Office Manager & Co-Owner)
Rose was also employed in Mallinckrodt’s Argyle plant for more than 20 years where she advanced from a Finishing Operator to become the Accounting Associate. Rose and Chuck reside in the small rural community of Argyle where they have raised their daughter, Gina.

Tom Pendergrass (Business Development Manager)

Tom Pendergrass

Tom came to Bates Industries after over 30 years with various prominent medical device companies at which he advanced to senior management positions. After 12 years as our Plant Manager he decided to scale back his hours. Tom remains with the company as Business Development Manager and is very much occupied working on projects to build and enhance the Bates business structure. His extensive medical device industry career with such companies as Mallinckrodt, Kendall-Sheridan, NAMIC, UMI and Tyco / Covidien makes him a valued part of the team.

Why Choose Bates?

Why Choose Bates

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